CHI St. Joseph Health Introduces First Advanced PET/CT Scan Services in Brazos Valley

CHI St. Joseph Health Introduces First Advanced PET/CT Scan Services in Brazos Valley

Bryan, TX, January 25, 2018—CHI St. Joseph Health will become the first health care provider in the Brazos Valley to offer full-time PET/CT Scan Services, beginning Mon., Feb. 5.

CHI St. Joseph Health recently invested in GE Healthcare’s Discovery™ IQ PET/CT system, the most sensitive cancer imaging system on the market and the first of its kind being used in the Brazos Valley. The new device will help physician’s better understand, track and treat cancer patients, improving diagnostic confidence for referring physicians and patients.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) uses radiotracers, a special camera and a computer to help evaluate patients’ organ and tissue functions. Combined PET and Computed Tomography (CT) correlates and interprets information from two exams onto one image, leading to more precise information and accurate diagnoses.

Physicians can use Discovery IQ to more readily evaluate whether cancer treatment plans are working for their patients, as well as pinpoint small tumors and lesions, due to the high sensitivity of the PET technology. It also delivers scans in half the time, with half the dosage of radiotracers, a benefit for elderly or sick patients who may find it difficult to hold still for a long time.

“At CHI St. Joseph Health, we are constantly seeking new technologies and methods that help us examine, monitor and care for our cancer patients,” said Mir Zulfiquar Alikhan, MD, CHI St. Joseph Health Nuclear Medicine Medical Director. “The Discovery IQ will help us provide higher quality care and aids in strengthening the radiologists’ confidence that they can find those smaller lesions sooner.”

While physicians will primarily use the Discovery IQ system to scan cancer patients and monitor changes in tumors and diseases, they can also use the system to detect cancer early, with images that are two times improved in quality and quantitative accuracy. The system is designed to support physicians in making a more confident cancer diagnosis while providing measurements to help them track treatment progress.

Some additional highlights include:

  • Mood-enhancing skylights and graphics, which brighten the mobile PET/CT unit
  • A patient-friendly environment similar to in-house imaging suites
  • PET technology allows for a larger area to be scanned per PET bed position
  • Most patients can be scanned in one acquisition, rather than two. Individuals up to 6’4” can be acquired in one pass, without the patient needing to be repositioned.

About CHI St. Joseph Health: CHI St. Joseph Health was the first health system to introduce heart care to the Central Texas region. Today the health system offers patients access to a multidisciplinary team of cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons and specialists trained in the diagnosis and treatment of multiple heart conditions. CHI St. Joseph Health also offers the region’s first Accredited Chest Pain Center with the highest level of accreditation in the region.

[For more information, please contact Director of Marketing and Public Relations Heather Bush at 979-774-2165 or]


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