CHI St. Joseph Health Burleson Hospital Reaccredited as Level 3 Stroke Support Facility

Caldwell, TX, December 5, 2019—The Texas EMS Trauma & Acute Care Foundation (TETAF) has reaccredited CHI St. Joseph Health Burleson Hospital as a Level 3 Stroke Support Facility with zero deficiencies.

A Stroke Support Facility provides resuscitation, stabilization and assessment of stroke victims and either provides treatment or arranges for immediate transfer to a higher level of stroke care, such as CHI St. Joseph Health Regional Hospital. It also provides ongoing educational opportunities in stroke-related topics for health care professionals and the public and implements stroke prevention programs.

“The surveyor commented on the strength of our stroke program and our team’s close collaboration within the stroke team, Regional Hospital and medical staff,” said Kurt Sunderman, Director of Operations for CHI St. Joseph Health Burleson Hospital. “Our designation as a Level 3 support facility underscores our commitment to providing quality, life-saving care to stroke patients in our community.”

All CHI St. Joseph Health Critical Access Hospitals are credentialed as Stroke Support Facilities, with a designated stroke coordinator who oversees the stroke program and ensures the program meets safety and quality standards set by the state and accrediting agencies.

About CHI St. Joseph Health Burleson Hospital: A critical access hospital in Caldwell, CHI St. Joseph Health Burleson Hospital offers a Level IV Trauma Center with 24-hour emergency care, inpatient, outpatient, wellness, imaging, laboratory services and occupational, speech and physical therapy. It is also home to a Senior Renewal Program, designed to enhance the emotional health of senior adults, providing group psychotherapy and individual and family therapy. Burleson Hospital, stroke accredited by the Texas Department of State Health Services, also provides cardiopulmonary services, providing oxygen therapy and EKGs.

[For more information, please contact Communications Manager Tracy Bates at 979-774-2158 or]

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