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March 25, 2014

Eliminating a Stop at the Pharmacy

In an effort to continually provide the highest level of service and convenience, St. Joseph in Bryan is the first hospital in the region to partner with Walgreens for bedside prescription delivery.


Now, medication patients should take after they leave the hospital – can be delivered by a Walgreens pharmacy staff member before a patient is discharged.


Medications prescribed for hospitalized patients are managed by St. Joseph’s in-house pharmacy. Often, doctors prescribe medicine for patients as they continue to heal and stay healthy, at home.


This delivery services eliminates a stop at the pharmacy on the way home. A Walgreens staff member not only hand-delivers the prescription but can verify insurance, complete payment and provide access to a Walgreens Pharmacist all from the comfort of a patient’s room. Walgreens also follows up with patients 48 hours after they leave the hospital.


“Filling prescriptions before a patient leaves the hospital ensures there is no gap in care,” said Ricardo Diaz, Vice President of Clinical Support for St. Joseph Health System. “Sometimes, it can be challenging for patients to make arrangements to get to the pharmacy, which can lead to delays in getting medications.”


Consistent, streamlined care and one less stop on the way, allows patients to get home quicker and continue their recovery.

July 19, 2012

Navigating Breast Cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis is often the climax to an agonizing set of days that started when a doctor found a lump.  Though the wait for the diagnosis may be over, the patient’s new reality can be overwhelmingly uncertain.

Aside from the body image worries a woman may have, she likely is wondering who will step in to juggle all of the responsibilities she typically does.  How will she pay for treatment?  If she has young children or grandchildren, who will watch them?  If she cares for an older relative, who will take her place? If she lives out of town, how will she get to treatment and will this new gas expense be a financial burden?  What about her job?

There are so many logistics and we haven’t even broached the myriad of treatment options.  A woman can easily feel like she’s standing at the foot of gigantic mountain, unsure how to climb.

That’s where Teri Sabo comes in.

A nurse for 27 years, 17 of which were spent helping cancer patients, Sabo is St. Joseph’s new Oncology Nurse Navigator.  She is the ski lift to help women climb the mountain.

Sabo likes to refer to herself as a concierge service, but another way to describe her might be a caring and informed girlfriend whom breast cancer patients can count on to help them through this bewildering time of information and emotions.Image

“There are walls that go up when you hear ‘You have cancer’,” said Sabo.”  “Someone may be in such a state of shock that she can’t remember all the information and everything the doctor said.  We can go over what the doctor told them and I can educate the patient and her family as well as prompt questions she might want to ask her doctor.”

With a primary doctor’s and patient’s permission, Sabo guides a patient through the diagnosis, treatment and recovery process and among the many specialists appointments the patient is likely to encounter.

“We have so many services in one building, I try to walk them through the process and anticipate and help avoid any obstacles to their care,” said Sabo.  “Do they have insurance, do they understand how it works?  I want to help them get the most bang for their buck from their insurance.”

Located in the first office in the lobby of the cancer center, Sabo is easily accessible – in person, on the phone or by e-mail.  She hopes to take some of the stress and effort off the patient.

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