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March 25, 2014

Eliminating a Stop at the Pharmacy

In an effort to continually provide the highest level of service and convenience, St. Joseph in Bryan is the first hospital in the region to partner with Walgreens for bedside prescription delivery.


Now, medication patients should take after they leave the hospital – can be delivered by a Walgreens pharmacy staff member before a patient is discharged.


Medications prescribed for hospitalized patients are managed by St. Joseph’s in-house pharmacy. Often, doctors prescribe medicine for patients as they continue to heal and stay healthy, at home.


This delivery services eliminates a stop at the pharmacy on the way home. A Walgreens staff member not only hand-delivers the prescription but can verify insurance, complete payment and provide access to a Walgreens Pharmacist all from the comfort of a patient’s room. Walgreens also follows up with patients 48 hours after they leave the hospital.


“Filling prescriptions before a patient leaves the hospital ensures there is no gap in care,” said Ricardo Diaz, Vice President of Clinical Support for St. Joseph Health System. “Sometimes, it can be challenging for patients to make arrangements to get to the pharmacy, which can lead to delays in getting medications.”


Consistent, streamlined care and one less stop on the way, allows patients to get home quicker and continue their recovery.

February 19, 2013

CEO: Pray for Firefighters & Families – and ER Staff

BFD & SJ logo

For decades, St. Joseph team members have worked side by side with the Bryan Fire Department.  So closely, that nurses, doctors and staff from our Emergency Department consider these firefighters co-workers and friends.  In late August, that partnership was extended when one of our emergency physicians, Dr. Aaron Buzzard, was named Medical Director at BFD.  Last week, when representatives from the American College of Surgeons were on-site to review our trauma program, Bryan Firefighters were here to show support.

This weekend’s tragedy deeply affected many at our hospital.  The following memo was set to team members over the weekend from St. Joseph CEO, Odette Bolano.  We thought it might be appropriate to share:

Many of you have likely heard about the tragic death of two Bryan firefighters and the critical injuries two other firefighters sustained late Friday night while working to extinguish a large fire in Bryan. Our heart goes out to the family and friends of all four, and they are in our prayers during this most difficult time. I would also ask that we remember to keep in our prayers our St. Joseph Emergency Department team members who regularly worked with all four of the firefighters.

While this tragedy overshadows the success we had last week during our Trauma survey, the two have a connection. For years our ER staff, trauma team and many others have been working very hard in preparing for an increase in our trauma capabilities. Based on information from Dr. Brandon Lewis, our Emergency Department Medical Director, there’s little doubt that those preparations paid off on Friday night. We received the critically ill firefighters, performed several emergency procedures on each of them and quickly transferred three firefighters out to the burn center at UTBM Galveston. The ER team functioned extremely well in a very emotional situation and I commend them for the extraordinary job they did under the most difficult of circumstances.

While we are ever hopeful that our community will be spared from tragedies such as these, this is a solemn reminder of why we work to be prepared and have the resources available to meet the medical needs our community every moment of every day. Thank you for your dedication to our health care ministry.

With warmest regards,

Odette Bolano, RN, MHA, FACHE

President and CEO

St Joseph Health System