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July 19, 2013

Three’s Company; Triplets Come and Knock on Our Door

On Saturday, June 15, a Navasota couple welcomed babies they’d been trying to have for years. A St. Joseph team of 15 people ensured the hospital’s newest set of triplets entered the world safely. 


Antonio Sanchez and Maritza Castillo had been together for 11 years. Though Maritza had never been on birth control, the couple couldn’t get pregnant.

“For years, people would ask when we were going to have kids,” said Sanchez. “In their mind they were thinking that we didn’t want kids. We wouldn’t tell them the real situation.”

“It was our struggle and we didn’t want to share it,” said Castillo.

After being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, PCOS, a hormonal disorder that often leads to infertility, the couple sought a fertility specialist.

She was at work on December 13, 2012 when a nurse called to tell her she was pregnant.

“All I could do was stand there and cry with happiness,” said Castillo. I was thanking God that He allowed this to happen.”

Pregnancy – There’s Another One in There

For women with PCOS, the risk of miscarriage is higher. Adding the possibility of multiples to the equation only increased the risk level for Castillo’s pregnancy. Because of this, Sanchez and Castillo kept their good news to themselves, though both believed it was only a matter of time before they would add twins to their family.

At Castillo’s next appointment, they learned otherwise.

“The doctor said ‘it looks like there’s going to be another one in there,’ ” said Sanchez. “I was shocked. Then it hit me and I got excited – I couldn’t stop thinking about them!”

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